We are passionately engaged in work worth doing. Our experienced and talented professionals listen to customers and work closely with them to develop innovative solutions to difficult problems.

We bring efficiency and effectiveness to every project using tools and techniques developed and refined through years of commercial and private sector experience. Helping each customer achieve their organization’s vision is what drives us. Evlos strives to maximize the value of services and products provided to its team members.

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  • Management Professionals employ business best practices to assist organizations to rapidly scale their IT service offerings, reduce cost and complexity, or migrate legacy services to industry leading standards. Techniques are utilized to improve tactical daily operations, as well as to forecast and adopt innovative technology improvements, policy changes, and general management environment changes. We work to align these changes with the customer mission and functions in a manner that improves their products and services.

  • Systems engineering best practices are essential to implementing significant technological, process, and organizational changes. The Evlos Technology team works directly with the customer to identify opportunities and capitalizes on these by working with the appropriate stakeholders to capture inputs, activities, and outputs in order to implement an efficient and effective end user system. Our Team is knowledgeable in gathering customer functional requirements, translating them to technical requirements, and designing improvements from them.

  • Evlos provides design, development, testing and evaluation, implementation, maintenance and improvement services and products for cloud computing and IT efforts. We specialize in each of these respective life cycle activities to provide the intended results across a mission activity. Our distinct experience allows for the mitigation of issues prior to their inception whether the effort is a migration to a cloud environment, or standing up a new service in a cloud environment.

  • Evlos Technology is dedicated to continuously improve our products and services to increase our value to the customer and their mission. Business Process Re-Engineering and total quality management methods are applied to our products and services. We will be efficient and effective in everything we do.

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We are looking for problem solvers and
“opportunity capitalizers.”

These individuals are able to understand how to use their background to solve customer problems and innovate in a manner that brings new opportunities to light.

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